Hallelujah!! (slightly prematurely)

The heartfelt Hallelujah is for finishing the body of my Decimal Cardigan-by-Tens!! The ‘slightly premature’ part is the fact that I haven’t yet seamed the sleeves, or woven in any ends, and still have to do a buttonband. These are minor quibbles in the face of the accomplishment I feel at having conquered the seemingly unending rows of eyelet-lace-and-ribbing combined with raglan shaping either side of the lace while trying to keep the other lace neat as it was gradually consumed by the raglans…

::deep breath::

So, aside from that piece of joyous news, I am slightly over halfway up a sock for me – one more inch and I will be up to the point in Cat Bordhi’s directions to start doing the next thing – which I think is a Sweet Tomato Heel.
Elsewhere in my life I have done a sort-out of my knitting paraphenalia, into keep vs post back to Oz, as we only have a month left until our departure from Hong Kong. My mental life includes a great many lists of things to be done at certain points before leaving – taxes, selling furniture, posting things, packing things, going out to see the sights and eat wonderful food, take time to enjoy the company of friends we have made here… Some of those things have made it from list to actuality, but of course the bulk of it is still left to do. When I get too overwhelmed buy the details I retreat to my laptop or iphone and my knitting – much easier to knit while reading an ebook than to juggle a print book and knit!

Speaking of which – my book and sock are calling me… (I don’t feel like picking up mumble-hundred buttonband stitches tonight)



3 thoughts on “Hallelujah!! (slightly prematurely)

  1. Congrats on reaching such a significant milestone in your cardy, what a relief! As for the next month: get those lists out of your head and onto some paper so you can have the joy of crossing items off and also perhaps someone else might do some of them for you LOL!

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