Red hat, small hat

Earflap beanie is done, a bit small for my children I think but still cute. I had a very enjoyable couple of hours after school on Friday with two of my lovely library ladies, sitting in Pacific Coffee showing them how to get started. One is a novice, one has knitted before but only a little and long ago. Both are wildly enthusiastic so it was very fun helping them get started.

We only have 38 days till we leave HK, so a lot of time is spent thinking and talking about all the jobs and tasks and ends to be dealt with before we go – next on my list is my knitting stash! I have to assess what I am realistically likely to have time to knit before we leave, and what should be packed and posted. Any thing I post now will be waiting for me in Oz so no big trauma to send things off early. The question is, what to knit???


5 thoughts on “Red hat, small hat

    • Isn’t it weird how time telescopes in and out, kind of like the Doppler Effect, things approaching ever more rapidly but slowing down just as you live each moment, then zooming off to become the past… That could explain how my Decimal Cardigan doesn’t get any closer to the neckline no matter how many raglan decreases I do – I’m in the slowed-down-moment part of the knitting… (the fact that my knitting is therefore quantum is small consolation for the drudgery of this particular bit)


  1. Just remember it’s better to send more home by post than less because you can always buy a skein of yarn to make socks on the way home in the plane but that sweater worth of yarn you didn’t get around to knitting may not fit too well in the suitcase at the last minute! You’ll be home for Christmas! Yippeee! And where the heck did those 16 months go?

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