This HK Life

Last night we decided to go out to the markets for dinner, and cruise through shoe shops on the way to looks for boots for Sophie and I for today’s Wild West themed School Fair. (We found some for Violet on the way home after school). We ended up at one of a number of eateries that put tables and stools out on the paving at night, and feasted on duck breast, garlic scallops in the shell, and a whole steamed fish….

Steamed fish with knitting

All of which, plus some chicken with cashews, fried rice, and veges, cost the enormous sum of about $70 Aus. Ahhhhhhh

PS. note the knitting artfully posed on top of the toilet roll. Very cheap napkin substitute!


6 thoughts on “This HK Life

  1. Just the sort of table decoration we all should have — just in time for Christmas with all that red! 😉

    What happened with the boots?

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