There’s Nothing Like Waiting Till The Last Minute

Some of my friends at school had been nagging me to teach them how to knit – or rather to help them refresh their memories. They wanted me to run a class, but I’m uncomfortable charging my friends for that, so instead we’ll grab a table at a cafe after work on Fridays and have a knit along instead!
The consensus was for a hat with ear flaps, partly because they loved the one I did for my son last year, so I gave them guidelines for yarn and needles and sent them off to some good shops this week. Then it suddenly occurred to me today that I should have a demonstration model handy, so I grabbed some thick red yarn and 5mm needles and got started. I should add that I stayed home with a nasty headache today, which is how I found time to knit. I didn’t really shake the wretched thing till about 5pm, despite all the tea, Panadol, rest, sleep or even knitting I threw at it. I think that there is a virus attempting to get me – it’s not paranoia when its true! Evidence: I work with germ-laden children, and then I spent the whole of Tuesday in the breeze at the swimming carnival, and all day Wednesday I felt too cool or too warm, so waking up with a headache was almost predictable…
Anyway, I made a start and got two ear flaps done and joined, and about 4 rounds of hat done. I haven’t measured yet, but I’m sure done child will claim it if it proves to be too small for me.


On a different crafting note, I spent the evening taking the skirt off a checked dress, then taking the ruffle off the skirt, splitting it and sewing it to the hem of the bodice to create a checked, ruffle-hemmed shirt for Sophie to wear to the School Fair on Saturday. It was a cute dress but she refused to wear it, Violet didn’t want it, so I thought refashioning it a little might help. The theme is the Wild West, any interpretation will do, so we are going for checked shirts and denim, and may even have some cardboard horses…! Pics on the weekend 🙂 till then please enjoy yourselves! And I’m sorry, Nerida, it was a cute dress but she is quite anti-dress at the moment.


4 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Like Waiting Till The Last Minute

  1. I am teaching my first paid knitting class tomorrow — it brings its own set of stresses! Sounds like you made the right decision!

    Can’t wait to see your “wild west” remake!

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