Souvenir Yarn Is Not Stash

We are enjoying our week in Japan, doing lots of exciting things like going to the Studio Ghibli Museum and navigating the multi-coloured pile of spaghetti that is the Tokyo Rail and Metro systems.

In knitting terms the best thing was a visit (far too brief) to Avril Yarns, home of amazing yarns in silk, cotton, wool, linen, ramie, and stainless steel blends (yes,like Habu). 20121006-075758.jpg
They sell yarn by the metre and you pay by the 10gram increments, so I now have about 1,000 metres each of mid-purple 2ply silk/ stainless and of a contrasting navy lace weight wool, which I think will become a Featherweight or similar simple, lightweight (!) cardi



4 thoughts on “Souvenir Yarn Is Not Stash

  1. Souvenir yarn is definitely not stash, no way at all. So how many clothing items are you leaving in Hong Kong so you can bring more “not stash” home with you?

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