Lay Flat to Dry

Hi folks, it feels like ages since I’ve blogged, but WordPress tells me it has only (!) been a fortnight.

Work has been busy winding up Term 3 – we finished at lunchtime on Friday, the kids all went home and Craig and I attended the compulsory staff lunch, which was actually pretty good this time. (The food I mean – although the caramel apple crumble was very weird – they should have skipped the ‘caramel’ part) There were no long speeches for departing members of staff, so we were done by 2:30pm and out of there by 3 – yay for holidays!!!

Nikko kekko, 1 of 2

“Nikko kekko”, courtesy of Brooke Ganz on flickr, CC licensed BY-NC-SA

Yesterday was spent packing suitcases and making lists, because tomorrow we are off to Tokyo for a week, and I am getting so excited!! I haven’t been back to Japan in over 15 years, and I am really looking forward to renewing my acquaintance with it. We will be staying in a hotel in Shinjuku, in a Japanese style room (futons on the tatami matting), very central and convenient, and not as horribly expensive as I had feared. My friend Mayu lives quite close to there, and although she will be at work during the week, on Saturday we will going with her up to Nikko to view the autumn leaves, a thoroughly Japanese thing to do!



The weather is slightly cooler over there, so we are taking some jeans and a cardi each – thus I did a wash yesterday of all my cardis to freshen them up and choose two – one light, one warmer. I am going to sew the buttons on my Tempest and take it with me – hopefully I will find some weather cool enough to wear it! I have to glue 2 buttons back together on my cotton Berrylicious cardi – the very cheap buttons have a distressing habit of parting company with their shanks when I wash the cardi, but a bit of superglue will sort that out. I realised, looking at the stack, that I knitted three of the four items whilst in HK, which makes me feel like I’ve managed to use some of my free time well 🙂

Lay Flat to Dry

Lay Flat to Dry

The weather here is hot and unusually dry (70% humidity today! woo hoo!!) so everything dried beautifully overnight, and so smooth they feel as if they’ve been ironed! Do you like my 2-layer dryer net thing? I love it! I am going to go and buy some more from the home shop before I leave HK, and more laundry bags – they have much better stuff here, and I think even my fancy knitwear net cost at most $3 Australian, so stocking up will be cheap and easy.

I am spending today trawling the interwebs, planning our trip – so far I have discovered that there is a Studio Ghibli museum (must buy tickets in advance, so we’ll see how that goes), that we could get down to view Mt Fuji for a day trip, that average temperatures in October in Tokyo range from min 15*C to 22*C, that a Kanto area (ie Tokyo district) rail pass sounds like good value, and that there are lots of apps for Tokyo metro trains and maps!

Last on my list (but not least) is the holiday knitting: our flights to and from Tokyo are going via Taipei (cheap flights are worth the extra 2 hrs travel time with a family of 5!!), so I need plane knitting. Then there is the travel inside Tokyo – car knitting for going to Nikko, possible train/bus knitting if we go to Hakone to see Mt Fuji, plus evening knitting if not utterly exhausted. I am an inch or so off finishing the body of the baby cardi I’ve been working on, so I need to also take socks or my next cardi project – I need to do a bit of computing to figure out what exactly I’m doing before I make that decision. Then of course there is the question of souvenir yarn – my friend Mayu has already said she will take me to Tokyu Hands (famous department store of everything cool), and I want to get out to Avril yarns, home of Habu-style yarn at cheaper-than-Habu prices, and you buy by the metre!


5 thoughts on “Lay Flat to Dry

  1. Wow you have a busy week ahead of you! Good luck with your travels, don’t forget to have a break or you’ll be worn out when you get back to work 🙂
    Love the pile of knits. I realised yesterday I have knit 4 adult sized cardigans this year as well as various kid things, scarves and socks, it’s nice to take stock of it all. It will be great for you to have the memories associated with your Hong Kong knits to keep the memories of your trip alive.

    • Thank you! I’m sitting at the airport looking at the debris of children’s Maccas breakfast, knitting away on the baby cardi, just about to head off to the gate to wait for boarding. I’m really feeling excited now, but peeved that I developed a cold yesterday. Typical, isn’t it? 🙂

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  2. Oh your Tempest looks fabulous, as does your new fangled air drying system thingy!! It is lovely that you have still found time for your knitting and been far more productive than me!!!Have a wonderful holiday, doing some shopping and catching up with friends!! I ahve read about the Blossom festival and seen it on TV. It looked wonderful!!

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