Ladies you are correct!

It is indeed as you say – the green for me, the fuschia for my colleague’s brand new baby Mia!

Lucille is begun

The pattern is Lucille, a sweet little lacy-but-not-too-holey cardigan and bonnet set. Whether I knit the bonnet will be determined by yardage and stamina, so we can only wait and see…. A week’s worth of knitting has almost finished the yoke. I fear I may have ridged one too many in between the 2nd and 3rd eyelet rounds, but I’m not concerned enough to unpick all that work, because I do not think it will be particularly noticeable – also it may be just the perfect place to add some embroidery, thus turning it into the ever-popular Design Feature!!
I have been knitting this whilst wandering around the Library patrolling at lunchtime, which provokes a lot of interest from students and teachers alike πŸ™‚ It is fun, and a nice holiday away from my very boring Decimal Cardi, which is now up to the yoke and feels interminable, even though both logic and maths inform me that each RS row is getting smaller!! I need a good action flick to watch over the weekend, something that is just interesting enough to allow me to get on with the boring knitting but not exciting enough to make me lose my place. I’ll see what’s on the cable tv…
Speaking of tv, I’ve been really enjoying watching the first season of Offspring on the Australia Network here – I’ve no idea whether they will show the second season after this, but I do hope so! It is brightening up my Tuesday evenings no end.

Right now however I’d love a little snooze – we wandered down to the markets for cheap noodles for lunch, and my belly is pleasantly full of skinny egg noodles and beef brisket and soup,Β  makes me sleepy on this overcast afternoon…




8 thoughts on “Ladies you are correct!

    • I don’t quite know yet… I want to try making another lace cardi like my red Berrylicious, but I need to spend some quality time searching the Rav pattern database to find some possibilities…

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  1. The Lucille cardigan is looking gorgeous! I absolutely love Offspring and have watched the first 2/3 seasons. They are now making 2 more so it will be so much fun to watch and see how the characters develop!

    • It’s fabulous, isn’t it? Offspring is on Tuesday nights for me, so I have an hour to go till showtime tonight! And thank you for your kind words re Lucille – not that there’s much to see yet, but it is a pretty colour πŸ™‚



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