Weekend musings

Hi folks! Saturday morning, and I’ve actually been relaxing with my knitting!

Sat morning

Another week past, school as per usual, housework, parenting, all the normal rhythms of life. I had fun meeting a couple of new knitty peeps – a new parent at school who was introduced by someone who knew I knit, and who will come along to our knitting group as soon as time and family permit. She said she was really looking forward to finding other people who understand the joy of nice yarn, and the meaning of the word ‘Noro’ – well, I have some people she just has to meet! Also a new-to-our-group knitter came on Wed night, after introducing herself on Rav – so nice to have more new people arriving after the gaps left by two knitters returning to northern American lives.

We had a nice afternoon yesterday – Miss V went to a friends house for a sleepover, then Jeremy takes himself home on Fridays after school activities (currently ice-skating), so it was just Craig and Sophie and I. We went over to Festival Walk, the big shopping centre near my school, and I scored some of the lovely velvet armchairs right down the very back. We indulged in beverages and cheesecake and apple crumble tart, and chatted for an hour – it was so nice to do that! It seems like we don’t have or don’t make many opportunities to do that as a family (partial or complete). The next plan was to get takeaway for dinner, but once we got home I was reading Rav and giggling over Fifty Sheds of Grey, while Craig had a pleasant snooze (how he did so while I was cackling away I do not know), and the next thing I knew it was 7:30pm and a bit late to go in search of takeaway! So kids had leftovers, and I made a lettuce, goats cheese and bacon sandwich on a fresh roll I had baked that morning:


It’s a hard life sometimes.
Today we go in search of costume materials for Book Week parade on Friday and tomorrow? who knows! Very much dependent upon the weather, which is hot with disgusting brown air due to typhoon over Taiwan. I don’t fancy any outdoors/hiking activities in air the colour of milky tea. We’ll see what else is going on in the area – maybe go over to the Museum of Coastal Defence (haven’t been there yet) and have noodles at the good shop in Shau Kei Wan. I’ll keep you posted!


6 thoughts on “Weekend musings

  1. We had a slumber party here last night for our eldest and J took the younger two to his Mum and Dad’s overnight. It was amazingly peaceful for a slumber party! I’m liking the look of that Cardy 🙂

    • Yay for peaceful slumbers!

      And I’ll lay our the cardi pieces for a proper photo shortly – I need to check the length to see whether I’m ready for sleeves. 🙂 Kate


  2. Sounds like an excellent outing and I love the new cardi!! You are very clever to have baked the bread too, doesn’t time just slip by sometimes?? I have lined up some of the Book Week winners here in my Library queue. I always try to read at least some.

    • Hi Cindy,

      thank you! It is nice to have a little family pampering sometimes, isn’t it? And Sophie is the middle child, so she really does love a little special time with us.

      And you should congratulate Craig on the bakery cleverness – he’s the one who worked it all out and showed me how he does it – I am merely his humble apprentice 🙂

      As for Book Week winners, I’ve been skimming through lots of them, and so far I recommend Nanberry and Crow Country, also For All Creatures for it’s beautiful language and message.

      Thanks for visiting! Kate


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