Not a lot to tell you…

School is back in the swing, so am now finding some time to relax occasionally. The sock in the previous post was too big, so I have ripped it out and will start again on 2.5mm needles (the circs were 2.75). I have been working on my indigo-blue Decimal cardi, but ran into some difficulties when I discovered I had forgotten to start neckline decreases AT THE SAME TIME as increasing for the bust. Sigh. Ripped back 6 cms yesterday and restarted, but had to put it down due to tiny cut on tip of my forefinger.

Other news: we had Teppanyaki for dinner on Friday night, which was very yum and entertaining enough that even the most hesitant child had fun and found some new favourite foods. Yesterday morning I took the girls to see Brave, which was excellent, although the big sound effects and bass vibrations and hugenormous bears were a little bit much for Violet – there was a lot of discussion over dinner and beyond to help her understand the storyline and what happened to the bears and how everyone was ok now, to make sure she didn’t have any nightmares. Obviously I should have researched that one a little more before taking her. She is not coming with me to see Paranorman!!

Last Sunday we went to Lamma Island, ate gorgeous seafood, walked across to a beach on the other side (bit over an hour walk), played there, then caught ferry homewards. It was a lovely day, very much a HK thing to do, not just touristy. We went with one of Violet’s friends from school and her parents, her mum (HK native) teachs Mandarin and her dad (Aussie) works for a mobile telco – it was really nice getting to know them and learning more about HK through our conversations.

Sorry about the lack of pics – I’ll have to upload some from my phone. However I will have some good ones soon – this afternoon we are going to Mongkok to see a Knit Graffiti installation in a massive shopping mall! Squee!!



6 thoughts on “Not a lot to tell you…

  1. Bugger about the frogging of the Decimal, it will be worth it painful though it is at the moment. Baggy socks are a pain too 🙂 Sounds like you guys are having a lovely experience over there, makes me a little envious.

    • Ah well, sometimes there’s pain before the gain…

      We are having fun, where it fits in around normal school life 🙂 I’ll bet you’re jealous of our current temperatures though!



  2. No, there is nothing sadder, knitwise, than having to unravel. I too have a knitting injury or three this week!!!
    My sister was afraid in H R Puf’n’stuf (sic) the film and I had to take her out and miss a lot of the film. Poor Violet.

    • Hi Cindy,

      I refuse to get upset about the ripping back – I’m steadily working my way back up, I am changing something else that I wasn’t happy with, and I get more knitting – the pluses outweigh the minuses!



  3. I have never been to a trepanyaki restaurant although I have heard they are fun.

    Sometimes frogging is really necessary even if it is frustrating!

    Did you enjoy the installation?

    • Teppanyaki was very nice, the knit graffiti was cool (even 12y old son is retrospectively admitting that, though it would have killed him to do so on the day), and I am making good progress back up the cardi.

      It’s all good. 🙂 Kate


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