When Knitting Attacks!

The title of today’s post is inspired by The Knitmore Girls podcast – it is the name of a segment where the hosts Gigi and Jasmin discuss (or confess?) to knitting errors, mishaps and disasters.

So what was my error, mishap or disaster, you may be wondering? I have been merrily knitting away on socks for 9yr old Sophie, plain foot, Sweet Tomato Heel (love it so much!!) then she requested a spiralling rib pattern for the leg. A little bit of poking around on Ravelry brought me to an example of K2, YO, K2tog which I remember from a sock in Cool Socks, Warm Feet. I thought that maybe it was turning out a little snug, but merrily knitted along, ignoring the little voice that said something about ‘bias fabrics’ and ‘tight’…

This morning, the nominally finished leg would not fit over Sophie’s skinny foot. Sigh. Now to rip back to the heel and do the leg again either on larger needles or by adding stitches.

And there will be a nice picture of my finished cardi as soon as I get a haircut.



4 thoughts on “When Knitting Attacks!

  1. My “oops” also concerned socks. I cast on bed socks for DD — 64 stitches like I always use, knitted the cuff, the leg, the heel (man, that looks ginormous!), and the foot to the toes! But… I was knitting in 8 ply not sock yarn and DD has a very narrow foot! Needless to say it has been ripped out and the first sock is finished on 48 stitches.

  2. You know better than to ignore the voice in your head…tsk tsk tsk, LOL!

    Anything you need from Bendi? 4 days until the Posse meet up, it’s going to be quiet without you šŸ˜¦

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