Two of the lovely ladies in my HK knitting group are leaving us, one heading to Canada and one to the US. I realised suddenly yesterday afternoon that Wed evening would be my last chance to see these ladies, so a few minutes dithering had me flicking through my copy of Teeny Tiny Mochimochi. I thought that the jet place would be very appropriate, but had no hope of achieving it in the two hours I had, so instead I give to you:

Hey Hey We’re the Mini-Monkeys!

Mini-monkeys, fraternal :)

I used leftovers from my Tempest cardi so that they would be fraternal twins. Seen above before tails were added – feel free to look at the rest of the photos πŸ™‚

4ply sock yarn, 2.5mm Knitpicks Harmony Circular. 2 hours for the two bodies, then arms, legs and tails completed at knit night, and monkeys gifted to their owners.

* amuse-bouche: a little taste of something different


6 thoughts on “Amuse-bouche

  1. Hey hey they are so cute!! Lots of monkeying around, hope no-one went ape!! Such a clever idea to make them fraternal (sisternal??) Plus, ‘amuse bouche’ is one of the things from Friends that makes me laugh!! MrsDrWho and I use it to announce a thing that is a tiny bubble of amusement!!

    • There was lots of laughter that’s for sure! Very amusing for everyone πŸ™‚ The purple monkey is called Mickey, after a member of the Monkees band. No word yet on the blue one, but he is busy flying to Canada so there may be news after he arrives.

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