Laughing at ourselves

Picture this: Kate and Craig, having enjoyed a late cooked breakfast, are sitting at the table checking emails on their his’n’hers iPhones. Sophie and Violet are both playing Minecraft on the new and old (respectively) MacBook Pro laptops. Jeremy is off in his room presumably watching Minecraft videos.
First thing: Craig turned to me and said “look at us! We are such a nerdy family”. Good point.
Second thing: girls are both talking to their computer screens, Violet has encountered someone in her village who she has no time for. Her sweet little 6yr old voice exclaims at the computer screen “you want a piece of me?!?!”
I really hope she learnt that from watching the Penguins of Madagascar.


3 thoughts on “Laughing at ourselves

  1. Almost like my blog friend, Cindy, in USA, whose three sons, aged 15, 17 and 19 were home for the summer holidays and were playing a game together – each on his own computer in his own room!

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