Lost in story

I just finished the last of a series of 6 books (2 trilogies) that are I suppose space opera – classic plots of characters tackling challenges and troubled times and growing into heroes against a backdrop of planetary alliances and intergalactic rivalries.
I feel uplifted by the actions of the heroic main characters, by the breadth of the story, not merely in that it took place against vast distances in space but also because the author wove together so many strands of human vices and virtues, both of individuals and of group entities, pulling them together from seemingly unrelated edges so that in the end all were connected, woven into a truly satisfying conclusion. Even more so I think that on the very last page, where good has triumphed over evil, there is a most poignant scene. One of the main characters is confronted by the family of someone who died while attempting to turn traitor, and instead of starting a new war offers compassion, and shares grief for one whom she had once called a friend. Is that not one of the greatest measures of true character, the ability to remember and celebrate the best of a life and not merely the worst? For the winning side to be gracious in victory?
I loved this so much I want to read it all over again…


6 thoughts on “Lost in story

  1. ‘The Serrano Legacy’ by Elizabeth Moon, and the last four books are combined into ‘The Serrano Connection’ and ‘The Serrano Succession’ – I was wrong, there are 7 books all up, but tricky to figure out because they’ve been published individually and then in omnibus editions.

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