Attack of the Cute!

It’s been a cute week here – first there was the cupcake, then a ladybird:
framed ladybird

Project details here

This was a belated birthday gift for a friend at work, and thankfully she was thrilled with it. I don’t know whether she decided on a name for it yet, and since we are now on holidays I may not find out before August!

I was inspired, as always, by the designs in Teeny Tiny Mochimochi. Any time you go to her blog there is something fabulous and quirky to see – today it was Sumo vs Sushi!!

I have to say that this was definitely a labour of love – working in cotton on 2mm needles is hard on my fingertips! I much prefer working in a nice elastic wool yarn at this gauge, but I was looking for easy-care for the recipient.

Now to get back to my new cardigan – I am really enjoying it!





3 thoughts on “Attack of the Cute!

  1. As Lynne said, “very cute.”

    I made six alligators from here on the same site. I varied the yarn so some were larger than others. These were added to a memorial quilt for someone on a forum I frequent. She was often known as “the alligator.” Other pieces were some of here sayings written out in I-cord, appliques of the big girl panties she encouraged slackers to put on and more.

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