Another Hong Kong Experience

It is Dragon Boat Race Day in Stanley today, so we decided to go see this annual event. We got ourselves to Causeway Bay then wandered around a bit looking for the Green Bus #40. We found the bus, and went looking for the end of the queue. Here we are about ten metres forward of the end of the line:

About 30 hot, sticky and snacky minutes later (bribery works wonders on fractious offspring) we rounded the corner and came in sight of our goal.
The trip on the bus was about the same as the wait in the queue! Although Sophie and I were excited to spot a dragon on the hillside:


When we got to Stanley we were greeted with views of the ocean and islands, large crowds and the energetic rhythms of an African drumming group. After the stage area we wandered down the strand observing the masses of people filling the waterfront restaurants, and decided to treat ourselves to a nice lunch; we ended up at Rocksalt, an Australian establishment, mainly because it looked like it had tables free and the kids were too tired and hungry to agree to anything unusual as by this time it was about 2pm. The salt and pepper squid was light and tender and my salad with beetroot and smoked salmon was lovely:

Stay tuned for Part Two!


3 thoughts on “Another Hong Kong Experience

  1. I think queuing is a way of life I am not used too. I can see the dragon on the hill, how fantastic. Yes, the food looks delicious!!

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