Dashing to the Shops

I had to dash out to grab some bread at lunchtime, and suddenly thought that I should be photoblogging these mundane little bits of life in HK that are quite different from life in Oz.

I walk past the jeweller’s and the waffle booth, cross Austin Road, and after a few clothes etc shops head down the stairs to the the supermarket. Lots of supermarkets are downstairs, with the occasional ground- or first-floor business being a surprise. The bread section is very small, most bread is packets of 10 slices. In the same aisle are a hundred varieties of noodles, the chips’n’snacks section, and biscuits and crackers, cutlery and kitchen gear, also washing detergents, tea/coffee and jams.

Outside on Nathan Road the buildings line up high, neon signs indicate buildings that are entirely business, the others have commercial businesses on the lowest floors and are residential above. The intersection of Nathan Rd and Austin Rd is busy, and there are often sudden cacophonies of horns when some optimistic souls have crossed the intersection hoping that the cars in front will keep moving, only to discover that everyone is banked up from the next set of lights on Austin Rd, and these poor deluded drivers have to sit there, partly over the pedestrian crossing and partway out into Nathan Road blocking the buses and taxis and occasional privately-owned car, pedestrians squeezing through as best they can, horns going off all around them.

Back to our street, where the Water Works Dept has been excavating and doing mysterious piping stuff the whole time we have been here (the sign says completion date is somewhere in 2013), and the view from the foyer of our building is limited by the safety barriers and plastic fencing.

So, that is what it is like to dash out for 15 mins to buy bread!

Edited Sunday to fix the no-show slideshow!


8 thoughts on “Dashing to the Shops

  1. It all sounds very interesting. Unfortunately I couldn’t get anything from the flickr page – it’s probably just me!

    • Hi Lynne,

      I knew it wasn’t right last night but it was too late for my brain to solve the problem – a little searching this morning and it is all better!

      Thanks for commenting, as always 🙂 Kate


  2. Wow! Very different from a leisurely mosey to the Blayney IGA, that’s for sure!

    I noticed when we were in Brisbane that the s’markets are downstairs there, too. So are a lot of the food courts. I wonder if that’s an Asian influence or just the natural progression of city planning? Happy Queen’s B’day long weekend, by the way – does HK still celebrate her Maj’s milestones?

    • We have not needed to drive. We have 3 supermarkets within 5 mins walk, and another 3 or 4 within 10 mins. This does not include the fancy supermarket near the station near my school. The taxis – and especially the little green buses! – are more than enough excitement for us. The rules about changing lanes and letting people in seem to be far more fluid than in Australia, and you would want to know where you are going whilst still a long way away from intersections and off-ramps – the signs on the highways give updates on how long the wait time is to get through the harbour tunnel, with the traffic backed up for a kilometre or two behind that…. With everyone walking or taking public transport, you notice that little wheelie shopping trolleys are very popular, as are those fold-out metal frames for sitting un-wheeled bags on; also shops tie raffia or string around large boxes to create carry-handles for you.

      :> Kate


  3. MrsDrWho had similar pictures form Singapore where there were aisles of soy sauce and noodles, but not much of anything they wanted!! I think they had a whole aisle of bottled water.
    It all looks very foreign and I am sure I would get lost!!

    • It’s not so bad – all the shelf labels have English even when the package doesn’t, and globalisation makes most things recognisable if not familiar. More surprising are the ranks of various bottled teas such as peach flavoured green tea.

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