Socks for Mum

Golden DapplesI thought maybe I had mentioned Mum’s socks once too often without actually proving their existence, so today I am sharing the proof.

I suppose that these have been going fairly slowly, mostly because there have been a lot of taxis to work, thus removing my morning commute knitting time (sitting in the back seat with 3 kids for 10 mins does not equal quality knitting opportunity). Last week I decided to get a move on and took them with me to knitting, and then I found myself with not one but two opportunities to sit and knit yesterday, so the second sock is now four rows into the heel flap. Amazingly enough there does seem to be a positive correlation between spending time making knitting movements and actual progress…

Pattern is the Arch-Shaped Socks by Jen Showalter, yarn is a Chinese labelled bamboo/wool blend destashed by a knitter friend here in HK. I am making these slightly smaller than usual, as my Mum does not have the broad duckfeet I am blessed with.


PS I took the photo with my iPhone and played with it in Pixlromatic. It makes boring photos cooler.


5 thoughts on “Socks for Mum

  1. Yes, apparently it is not a truth universally acknowledged that if a knitter actually spends time on her knitting, it will grow. I just found that out with my sleeves!!
    I thought it said Pixel romantic, and I thought yes, those socks do look nice in that romantic light!!!

    • Hi Cindy, I think we need a pithy quote re world-wide turning of the blind eye towards need for actual effort, but it’s just not happening for me. We need Dickens or Shakespeare or even Stephen Fry. And I love the mis-read Pixel Romantic – very cute!



    • It comes up every so often – you know, the Yarn Harlot will mention how something suddenly seems to finish itself, after being ignored for a length of time, and yet the ‘finish itself’ part just happens to coincide with the ‘pick it up and work on it’ factor…! Kate



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