Not much to add, really

I added a picot edge to the neckling of my Spring Fling, which gave it a little more polish. At some point I should shop for fasteners too….
I have also finished the first of my Mum’s socks and started on the second. I daresay they will be finished in time to be an entirely unwearable Christmas gift ;P
I have deep plans for a cherry cotton raglan cardi, but since I am planning to be terribly clever with it there is number-crunching and scheming to be done before casting on – so maybe July, when we are on holidays.
Now I must get back to my current obsession – the many and varied books by Elizabeth Moon. Having finished all of the Paksenarrion-related books (except the latest and currently fearfully expensive tome), I am now reading her Serrano series, which is a space opera and much fun.


4 thoughts on “Not much to add, really

  1. What’s a neckling? LOL! The first time I read it, I read it as neckline, but when I’ve returned to it it stuck out!
    Elizabeth Moon you say? Might have to have a look around for them šŸ™‚
    I have recently read my first Kathy Reichs novel and can see myself needing to read all of them. Love the show Bones and it’s great to have the book equivalent!

  2. I love the Serrano books, you’ve reminded me to read the rest of them. I like a good female character in Space Opera!!

  3. Told ya! Although I’ve found it’s not a good idea to read everything by a single author without a break – when you get to the end, you can’t read anything else (or maybe that’s just me?). I’m not talking about the sort of self-involved idiocy that had people seeking grief counsellors when the last Harry Potter book was released, but I get so used to a writing style, and a particular way of looking at things, that other writings just don’t gel with me for a long while after. So I try to pace myself.

    On a similar note, the other day I spent a whole day studying the structure of bone tissue, from cellular level up to long bones, and then at 3 o’clock had to walk down to school to pick the boys up. I popped in to have a quick chat with Z’s teacher, and the words would not come out right. I sounded like Yoda!

    Too many brain works make speak bad.

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