Finally my Fling is Flung!

I would like to share with you my new cardi: Spring Fling, in a 10ply cotton/acrylic blend, on 4.5mm needles.Breezy Fling

Shoulder seamIt turned out maybe a sUntitledize larger than I wanted – it really is awfully difficult to judge the gauge on an eyelet ribbing! However it is wearable, and just right for over-conditioned spaces which sadly means most establishments in HK. The last thing left to do is add some kind of crochet edging around the neckline – it is a bit abrupt, and an edging would also make it easier to add some kind of fastening.

This was a very easy knit, once I stopped making silly mistakes and unnecessary changes. The most difficult step was working out the best way to sew the shoulder seams – mattress stitch looked bad, backstitch looked worse. In the end I unpicked all bound off stitches and grafted them together. As you can see the half-stitch off alignment means that the vertical lines don’t quite line up, but it is only noticeable from that particular angle. Considering the lumpiness of a seam in that weight wool at that position, I think the slight visual dissonance is not worth worrying about!


7 thoughts on “Finally my Fling is Flung!

  1. Well done on a finished knit! Does it have buttons at all or is it a loose hanging one?
    I think your solution of grafting the shoulders solved the problem nicely.

    • Hi Leonie,

      The original uses hooks and eyes, but no finishing on the neckline edge. Maybe some nice frog closures? I’m thinking crab-stitch border – easy, fast, minimal effort.

      Oh, and I forgot to say that I tried a three-needle bind-off, also not pretty enough.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂 Kate


    • Hi Sue,

      thanks for the compliment! I wore it to work yesterday and wowed my coworkers 🙂 I am feeling very pleased with myself. Excuse my brevity – I am dashing off to work in about 2 mins! Kate


  2. It looks great, and I love the shoulder binging off. It is just the right cardi for flinging in a warmer climate!!

    • Thank you Cindy! It is very bouncy too, so recovers well after being scrunched up in a bag. Very useful for climate control – put it on inside, take it off outside – the opposite of normal cardi-wearing!


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