Blocking, Hong Kong style


That pic shows you how we get things dry here when the humidity is 95%+.
This is the maid’s room, approx same floor area as a single bed mattress. The airer fits in just neatly, and the MOMD put one of those expanding poles above the window to allow things to be hung up – which explains the sheet you see dangling from the top right. Lower left you can see a grey appliance – that is the dehumidifier. You put all the wet things on the airer, set the machine for 40%, and leave overnight. The next morning you have to empty about three litres of water from the inbuilt reservoir, and fold up all the dry things. Awesome, yes?
So last night I finished my Spring Fling cardi and laid it all out on a towel on the airer. Hopefully today I can sew it all together. Yay! No idea what to do for a closure – I may need to go shopping at Sham Shui Po, otherwise known as button & ribbon & bead & notions Paradise. An entire district of shops devoted to bits’n’ pieces. You have no idea of the overload….


7 thoughts on “Blocking, Hong Kong style

  1. Well, they don’t get mouldy in there, but every so often we have to dehumidify the bedroom, and we have various moisture-absorbing containers in every wardrobe to limit the danger. For a while there any clothes left out on a chair for more than a day felt disgustingly clammy.

    • Hi Mel,

      Is Georgia a sub-tropical climate then? I’m afraid my understanding of US geography is sketchy.

      And for using space HK is like boat-builders – the most amazing amount of stuff can be arranged in the smallest of spaces!!

      thanks for dropping by, Kate

      A Knightly Knitter visit me in my castle @


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