Thunderbolts and Lightning

Are apparently the style of choice for Spring weather in HK. It remains warm and wet, but the airconditioning is on high at most shops and venues, so a little something to fling on would be nice… If only I hadn’t decided to shorten the depth of the vneck on my new Spring Fling cardi without also computing effect on eventual total of shoulder stitches… So I am leaving the left front to think about the error of its ways for a few days while I start the right front and decide whether to do computations or just stick with the original.

I’ve had a couple of days at home with a cold/sore throat, so naturally have been lolling about reading books and surfing Rav. There was a token effort towards school work, and I did get all the washing done. We have a dehumidifier that is the best thing evah!! Put all the wet washing on an airer in the tiny maid’s room (the room is tiny, we do not have a maid of any kind, let alone diminutive), leave the machine going overnight and hey presto! 2 litres of water in the tank and nice dry school socks!!

I also have a mad lace itch. Could be due to the number of lace cardis and lace ponchos/oversize tops worn over camisoles that are to be seen on the streets of HK. Definitely driving me nuts.

I’m going to leave it at that, blame the cough tablets for making me drowsy and ignore the lack of useful photos.

But I will give you a link to a very very funny collection of pics. Put down your beverage before you click. You have been warned. Self-portraits.


9 thoughts on “Thunderbolts and Lightning

  1. That dehumidifier sounds like the best ever drying contraption. We currently have clothes gorses over ducted heating vents because Melbourne is turning on it’s usual can’t make up it’s mind weather and everything keeps getting rained on just when it’s almost dry! Hope the lurgy leaves you in peace, and quickly so your brain can deal with the calculations you need for your neckline. Otherwise outsource the calculations 🙂

    • Thanks deary! The Lurgy is almost gone, though I am frightened of claiming ultimate health too soon, as various people have had it and it lingered on and on for ages.

      Dehumidifiers are amazing, although so is underfloor heating in a different environment. (Had that in a farmhouse in the Riverina – so fantastic in winter!)

      xo Kate


  2. I just went to Rav and took another look at the Spring Fling pattern, and I don’t see why you’d need to raise the neckline at all – it’s too lacy and see-through to wear on its own, so why muck with maths if you don’t have to?

    In fact, looking at the project gallery makes me think I need one of these myself, so I can wear it with jeans and a crisp white blouse – so pretty!

    Feel better soon, gorgeous!

  3. love those self-portraits! 😀 I wonder whether she ever walks back to her seat while still in costume?

    • ::snort:: Can you imagine the look on the flight attendant’s face as they watch this personage appear from the loo – after occupying it for half an hour or more – and gliding down the aisle as if sweeping a floor-length gown behind her? And what about the person sitting net to her? Do you think she’d immediately get both seats to herself and some pointed questions about medication??

      I’m glad you enjoyed the funny! Kate


  4. Spring Fling is a great cardigan, it is tricky working out the new decreases, I think there are special plug in your number pages that work it out for you. I love those portraits, I saw them too, she certainly looks the part. I saw some other women do the same thing at their local cafe!!!
    Hope your cold has gone away. It is cold, rainy and foggy here today.

    • Hi Cindy,

      I did not bother to change the decrease rate – I looked at side #2 and decided why make life hard, and just ripped back and reknit the first half of the front. No harm done. Now I just need to sew it all together and add a crochet edge to the neckline, as it is a little bare. I don’t think it will need a proper ribbed band, that would be too heavy.

      thanks for commenting as always! Kate


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