Where to start….

How about starting with “Yay for the Easter Holidays!!!”?

I celebrated the end of term by reading until 11:30pm – it would have been 11pm had not my computer been doing stupid random hibernate thing. (I’m computing in Safe Mode this morning in the hopes that this sorts out that little problem while I do other necessary things).

Then force of habit woke me up bright and early, so I celebrated not going to work by taking a roaming walk around the park (map link) with Violet, who was having a lovely time chattering away, mostly oblivious to the doting expressions of all the grannies and grandpas doing their Saturday morning Tai Chi (and other forms of exercise) in the park. We admired the azaleas, spotted Koi carp and the turtles, which are apparently Red-Eared Sliders, a species native to the US but very popular in parks and ponds and pet shops over here.

At home I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of cheese on toast – whenever  I can use the word ‘leisurely’ to refer to a meal you can be certain that I am enjoying the opportunity immensely! I was even able to surf the Knitternet, reading blogs and opening one, two three….make that eight design pages on Ravelry!

I have also brought in the clean dry clothes, done two loads of washing, insisted upon a clean-up of the living area and bedrooms of everyone younger than me, gone for a walk with a suitcase full of winter things and delivered them to be dry-cleaned (1 feather quilt, 1 suit skirt, 2 school blazers, 1 knitted wool coat and 3 winter jackets: HK$372 = AU$46.28).

Now I’m going to put out the washing while the kettle boils, then sit back down with my cuppa and go through those eight design pages, and maybe search for a few other patterns too – the weather is warming up, it’s the holidays, and I want to cast on something new!

I hope your Easter Break is filling you with as much glee as mine does me!


3 thoughts on “Where to start….

  1. Easter break has been great. We’ve done lots of catching up with family to the point where the eldest has expressed a desire to do “nothing” for a few days – totally unheard of, especially from that child! I’ve been zooming through a pair of socks, I’m now up to the gusset decreases on the second sock and hope to have them done by the weekend 🙂

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