Works in progress

This post is brought to you by the dampest, foggiest weather Hong Kong can produce. We have 19*C and 100% relative humidity at 7 am, and when I get to school I will undoubtedly find that all the tiled walkways are decorated with green plastic anti-slip matting and huge industrial blowers. These have been our constant companions for the last week or so, because the high humidity causes water to condense on any slightly-cooler surface, such as tiled floors, making the mere act of walking an exercise in balance and good rubber soles.

Knitting-wise I am getting stuck into Mum’s socks – not sure what to name them yet, but they are very pretty autumn colours and with a high bamboo content they feel quite smooth. I am using the same Arch-shaped socks pattern as the last pair I showed you, but on 5 stitches less to reduce the width around the ankle.

My Tempest cardi is coming along – I had to rip back two large stripes after joining the sleeves, as I had been merrily decreasing away without referring to the pattern, and the sleeves ended two inches before my shoulder. So back I went, reread the instructions, adjusted for the all-in-one method I am using, and have re-knit about half of what I had ripped out. I also did a three-needle bind-off under the sleeves, and wove in the long tails in a pseudo-grafting pattern to tighten up the holes and make it look nice. I tried it on after all that and it is going much better.

Time now to head to work, alone, as Jeremy will go to school under his own steam this morning, and the girls have developed conjunctivitis over the weekend and can’t go to school until properly medicated and no longer weeping green gunk.

Oh and hubby wants Socks That Rock socks. I fear I will have to make a purchase – how will I ever cope?? ;P


4 thoughts on “Works in progress

  1. Purple I think!!
    The weather sounds very weird and I hope you never fall over. Naming things is a very important task, and one I also enjoy!! It will be 26 here on Friday, so 28-30 in our house. I wonder when it will be cool enough to knit my cardi???

    • Hi Cindy, so far so good, though one of the ladies at work slipped and hurt herself on the stairs on Friday, nasty bruises up her arm! Still steamy here, temperatures are yo-yoing a bit more towards warmer weather each day. I have to get cracking and finish this cardi so I can wear it before it gets too warm! πŸ™‚ Kate



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