Early Sunday Morning

I woke up too early this morning. The sound of bottles crashing into bins mingling with the chattering, laughing, yelling and taxi horns from the street below. Nasty cramps in the abdomen. A stray spousal knee in the back.

So I got up. Made tea. Turned on the computer. Surfed the the knitting news in my feed reader. Jeremy woke up soon after and has been keeping me company, giving me updates on his progress in Minecraft, showing me the creatures he comes across and the structures he is creating.

I read posts by RoseRed, Bells and 2Paw, and various blogs I have listed together as ‘Global Knitblogs’. I saw socks, flowers, poached eggs, beachy fun, amazing muffins, and a crochet pattern to make me dream of making a rug.

And this! So fun!!

I haven’t gotten any knitting done, but I’ve had a nicer start to the morning than I thought it was going to be when I got up before 6am.

Now I’m going to freshen the teapot, make toast with some of Craig’s fabulous fresh bread, and maybe catch up on some knitting podcasts while tackling the next stripe on my Tempest.

Oh, and I should find some purple yarn (that’ll be difficult in my house, won’t it???) to make a fish for Irene at work – a Piscean who loves all things violaceous as much as I do 🙂

I have a busy Sunday ahead of me….


6 thoughts on “Early Sunday Morning

  1. Sounds like you’ve made the most of an early morning 🙂

    Those muffins looked decidedly yummy and I’m wondering whether subbing Copha for the coconut oil would work, or whether the “soy bean lecithin” would be a bad thing.

    Did you find some purple?

    • I have no idea whether copha would work, but I probably won’t try it due to childhood run-ins with White Christmas and other copha-laden items… The muffins were yummy, but didn’t really kep well – not enough oil content. I’d probably make half and half coconut milk and canola oil next time.


  2. I’ve seen that rug in KN&W and I too dream of a crocheted rug. But I can’t crochet and watch TV. I need more crocheting trials!! Sometimes you find joy in the place where you least expect to find it. I am pretty sure you found some purple!!

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