New train socks

Aha! Commuting DOES = knitting progress!


Ocean Wave socks are done! They are very comfy, although a little loose in the ankle. Done using the Arch-shaped Socks pattern that I love so much.

I do get time to knit on the train each week, though not every day – it depends on time of day, how crowded the trains are, how many bags I’m carrying, how many children are with me and whether I’m just too knackered to bother. A few people watch, usually older ladies, but no-one has ever commented.

Other knitting has been slow as I get back into the work groove, but I did make a tiny fish on the weekend to give to a coworker for her Piscean birthday. She was very happy, so that was a movie well-spent.

(yes Mum, I have now started your socks 🙂 )


7 thoughts on “New train socks

  1. Hooray for new socks, they look comfy 🙂 Are Mum’s socks the new train knitting or are you taking your Tempest with you know? (hint, hint)

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