Still here…

Hi folks, still here, just busy!
* washed the Gail shawl shown in previous post. It has felted slightly through turtling my head down into its snuggly folds on freezing rainy days, but not enough to upset me.
* working on second Oceanic Waves sock. Halfway down foot. Train time is necessary for progress.
* too exhausted to knit at night for all of last week. Thus no progress on Tempest cardi.
* school is in, kids are settling down to term-time routine, life is pottering on.
* I made cake today. Plain vanilla butter cake. Seriously yum. Kids are in heaven.
* I have new trousers – 3 pairs! Tailor-made, so they fit really well. I am pleased.
* The new skirts were too tight. Hopefully will be fixed when I go to pick them up tomorrow.
* Enough blather.
* G’night


3 thoughts on “Still here…

  1. Glad the shawl is getting a lot of use – it’s great when it works out like that, isn’t it? I look at all those 8ply jumpers in my wardrobe that I rarely wear (in this day of air-con in cars ,trains and TAFE classrooms) and wonder whether I should just start wearing them around the house this winter (now I’m unofficially retired).

  2. The tailoring is a great benefit of where you live!! I am glad the shawl felted not enough to make you sad. Too hot to knit here. School started yesterday so my friends are too tired for anything really.

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