Whoops! Missed a few weeks there….

Sorry about that folks! The second half of January seems to have disappeared entirely!

My mum came to visit for Chinese New Year, and we had lovely fun going out showing her the markets, buying flowers and plants to have growing things in the house, going to parades and fireworks, taking a train and then a bus to a faraway place to visit a Wishing Tree on one of the coldest days in 16 years, eating noodles, eating dimsum, shopping (moderately) at outlet places… it was very nice, despite the cold.

Then school was imminent so I was in and out helping get the Library ready, Mum headed off to Vietnam on a tour, we had two days of meetings at school and then the students showed up too. Sophie and Jeremy started at school, both are happy with their classes, Jeremy is enjoying the adventure of being in high school now. Violet came down with a nasty virus + throat infection with soaring temperatures and associated misery, so she was off to the doctor during the week and has a rainbow assortment of medicines to take at various times of the day. Hopefully she will be well enough tomorrow to start school – she will be in Prep, and we will have no more children classed as ‘pre-school’!

I did plenty of knitting during the holidays, but none last week – too exhausted by sleepless sick-child nights and full-on days at work. It’s a good thing I got this finished before CNY – I wore it lots!


Now I’m working on the second Oceanic sock as train knitting, and have joined the sleeves to the body of my Tempest and am working my way up the yoke. If only I didn’t have to work I’d have so much more knitting done!!!



4 thoughts on “Whoops! Missed a few weeks there….

    • Hi Cindy,

      Thank you! I may need to wear it again this week – I think it will be cooling down for a few days. As for work, not only does it interfere with knitting time during the day, at night I am too tired to count stitches even in garter!

      :> Kate


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