Friday Random

* I bought some decorations for Chinese New Year , amongst which are the two red lanterns making our not-bright lights even less illuminating, but much prettier than the bare bulbs!

* I’ve been doing lots of knitting, so my cardi sleeves are almost elbow length, my shawl is a maybe 40 rows from done, and I have started on the heel flap of my new portable sock project.

* Our cooking adventures continue – recently I made an Apple Sharlotka, which was just lovely and a really fuss-free dessert. Yesterday was osso buco with risotto, and I have to say it was about the best risotto I have ever made – no crunchy bits anywhere! Today was Arancini di Riso with the leftover risotto, stuffed with peas, corn and mozzarella, with a choice of Chipotle sausages (v v spicy, not a hit with the kids) or leftover osso buco. Craig continues to bake bread, and it is really nice to have fresh, nicely textured bread – especially for toast. I dislike plastic shop bread generally, but trying to make toast out of it is a total waste of time.

* Went to the Space Museum today. It was probably cutting edge when constructed, but most of the exhibits are in dire need of an overhaul, even if only to make the interactive stuff work properly! Still quite interesting enough to amuse us on a rainy afternoon.

* Craig, the Man of My Dreams, has been doing a bit of online searching for a nice 6ply sock yarn – he wants more socks! He is going to be a slave to handknit socks – mwahahaha haaa!!!

* One of the lovely ladies at knit night lent me a spare cable so I can start my next cardi without waiting to finish the current one – my life is full of enablers!

I leave you with a picture of my sock-in-progress, the one I started at Ocean Park – the colours and placOceanice of beginning will explain the name!



2 thoughts on “Friday Random

  1. Lot of Chinese New Year hype here too, though Easter and back to School started on Boxing Day.
    You have really been knitting, and I love your Ocean socks!!
    I love arancini, they are worth all the trouble of risotto!!

    • Dear Cindy, The shops often have such a strange idea of when we are likely to want to see the Next Big Promotion! Thank you for the kind words – I am enjoying the way the colours are sort of spiralling around the leg in wavy ways 🙂 Kate


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