Starting as I mean to go on

Dear All,

Happy Western New Year!! We saw in the New Year (just barely) by going out to a Countdown Carnival at Sha Tin, roughly 35 mins north and 3 trains from where we live. There were many performances on stages large and small, and most things did not require us to understand any Cantonese – with the exception of the emcee patter and the smooth-talking magician.

While children played on play equipment I worked on a long-neglected sock, and pursued it further today – now I am almost at the toe of my Bartholomew Sock #2! I would be proclaiming the imminence of a new pair were it not for the mistake I made on the first sock that requires me to snip and remove maybe a dozen rows of shortrow heel I erroneously put in there when I should have been knitting straight across.

This morning I started the year well with an energetic walk around the park and a few arm exercises – there has been much enjoyment of delicious parts of life recently, and it is showing somewhat around the hips, so I am in need of more exercising habits. After some light housework I took my knitting outside and paid serious attention to my sock.

I also put some serious thought into my Tempest Cardi – I completed one cuff and tried it on, realising in the process that a cuff designed for a 3/4 length sleeve is rather more generous than one designed for a wrist. I have 150 and 100 gms left of the blue and purple yarns respectively, and the body-finished-to-armholes weighs about 130 grams (lots of guessing here, cheapy plastic scales are all I have now), so I think I have more than enough to make full-length sleeves!!! Very excited, I will cast on new cuffs tomorrow, much smaller, and heave-ho towards a new cardi to go with me new socks!

I really want to start a Vine Yoke Cardi, but I need to free up the needles and cables, so have to get Tempest at least as far as joining sleeves to body (hmm, maybe I’ll start the cuffs tonight….!)

Whatever else is going on I hope your largest dilemmas today were which knitting project to pick up, and what refreshments to pair with it.

Best Wishes for 2012!




8 thoughts on “Starting as I mean to go on

    • Thank you Lynne, and returning your Good Wishes with an extra flash of gold and scarlet good luck! (there’s a lot of it about round here!!)

        πŸ™‚ Kate


  1. Hey, Gorgeous! Sounds like you’ve had a beautiful Christmas and New Years. Lucky Tink to be visiting you, beautiful Nightsongs, loving the Tempest, emailing you my bestest, never-fail brownie recipe.

    Kate xoxo

  2. Thanks for reminding me that if I want longer sleeves on my Tempest, I’d best make the cuffs narrower. I would have worked it out eventually, this way is just quicker! Must say I like other people doing the same thing and being slightly behind, the gotcha’s don’t seem to be as bad πŸ™‚

  3. Precisely why I don’t update my computer the moment a new release occurs! All the Must-Be-First-ers can try it all out, find the problems and sort out solutions, then I’ll wander along behind somewhere…

  4. Yes, I say ‘people on the cutting edge often get cut’!! I am glad the WNY went well and that you are enjoying your knitting and too much of the delicious!! If not now, then when?? Oh I am sure you will fix the socks and they will be lovely!! I did bracelet length sleeves, and you are right about the cuffs, it’s why I put the Vignette aside: cuffs!!

    • I really should be quicker at checking my emails after posting enticing knitting stories – I feel bad about not replying sooner! Socks: fixed. Sleeves: calculated and begun. Slackitude? starting to work it off. Good luck with your Vignette. Kate



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