Christmas Knitting!

There has been some glorious knitting time over Christmas, lots of lounging around watching movies or listening to audiobooks while children watched movies 🙂

Item the First: Gail aka Nightsongs Shawl

Gail 1/2 done

This fetching puddle of colour is actually 5 repeats of the Gail shawl. The Malabrigo Lace is slightly fluffy feeling on the fingers, but runs smoothly enough so long as I don’t let my skin get dry and snaggy. Although you can’t see it here (and won’t really until it is blocked) the lace pattern is showing up nicely despite the strong colours. I am really enjoying this shawl!


Item the Second: Tempestuous Romance

Tempestuous Romance
This stripeyness is a Tempest cardi, with which I am having a wild and passionate affair – madly knitting just about every day for the past 10 days, and am now finished the narrow stripes ready to do the wide stripes across the bust. The colours are not revealing themselves very well here – the light blue is close, but the darker stripes are much more purple than the brown they appear here.

I am knitting this in the round rather than in pieces, keeping the shaping as is, and did a folded hem using a provisional cast-on which I knitted in as if doing a 3 needle bind-off. I got the height wrong the first time and had to tink back one row, and joined on the wrong side, but it sits quite well now considering it hasn’t been washed and blocked yet.

It is a little snug around the hips, but I’m hoping that it will flop out nicely when washed and blocked, and that losing the Christmas excess will help too..


Other items currently floating around include Sophie’s Nereid mitts – I did finish them only to discover that the second was half a repeat too long, so have ripped back to my error and will reknit the plain section and ruffle as train etc knitting. I am looking forward to having these done, done and really truly done!!!


5 thoughts on “Christmas Knitting!

  1. Lovely knitting. I was ill the week before Christmas so a fair bit of knitting happened here – but since I am knitting a blanket it doesn’t seem like I added much! Now summer is finally deciding to visit us and it’s too hot/humid for blanket knitting. Time to resurrect some socks!

    • Ah, socks, the project of choice for warmer weather! Although for truly disgustingly hot days I tend to limit it to cotton washcloths…

      I hope you are all better now and able to enjoy the weather without feeling flattened by it! :> Kate



  2. Gorgeous shawl!
    I cast on for a Tempest this week 🙂 Mine is plain black only because I have not yet dyed the red and grey onto the white I bought at Bendi so I’m using the 4 ply black luxury I bought instead. Everyone needs a little black cardy that fits, so this will be mine. And now I’ve read your bottom band info I’m kicking myself for not reading the pattern all the way through, even though I wondered about the hem, so I’m wondering if I can cheat and just fold over the bottom of what I’ve already knit or was it important to knit it on smaller needles? I’ve got heaps of yarn so can easily go back and add it after, or I can frog the 2 inches I’ve got, hmmm. I’m also knitting in pieces because I do love a good seam! Mine is my tv knitting project because everything else I’m knitting is patterned and needs my eyes on it all the time or every 10-12 stitches! what yarn are you knitting yours in?

  3. Oh your Tempest looks gorgeous, I did the tricksy hem like that too. Mine was a contrast colour in case I ran out of wool. I had a whole ball over at the end. the stripes go much better when you knit them like that. I wear mine all the time. Your shawl is looking gorgeous, I can see the lace !! Hope you are enjoying your post Christmas holidays and Happy New Year!!

    • Thanks Cindy! It feels lovely too – I know what I’ll recommend to people going to Bendi… I wish I’d done the contrast hem – so cute! Maybe I should do that for the cuffs…

      Happy New Year to you and yours!

      🙂 Kate



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