Friends and Fun

Dear friend Tink and family are visiting HK this week so we are having lots of family-friendly outings, visits to playgrounds, family-friendly dinner times etc.

Tink and I are also talking about knitting quite a bit.

This is fun, but leaves no time for blogging.

Oh, and those brownies? too wet. Far too much butter in that recipe, not enough flour. I’ve tried again with a different recipe, but this one was not quite enough butter. I believe a happy medium will shortly be achieved.

Off to Ocean Park now. Bigger than Disneyland.
Wish us luck.


5 thoughts on “Friends and Fun

    • Thank you! We had a really good day yesterday, though a trifle long – which is of course entirely to be expected when going out to a theme park for the day 🙂 Kate



  1. The park was great, although kids were exhausted that night and snippy the next day!
    We are having lovely fun getting out and doing things – we all went and watched Arthur Christmas yesterday, which was wonderful! Plus I am doing lots of knitting on trains and in queues with all this gadding about 🙂

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