If the pictures are _really_ good, will you forgive me?

It has been a while since I got my act together and blogged – any attempts at excuses would pathetic and fairly unconvincing, so I’ll just skip that step altogether, apologise for my blog-fade, and bring you pictures of knitting.

An 8 inch square towards a Wrap in Love charity drive.
A knitter’s birthday.

A teeny tiny cupcake I made for her birthday.

The fox that turned up to help celebrate.

Up to the torso on my Decimal Cardigan.

Up to the thumb gusset on Sophie’s Nereid (Rav link) fingerless gloves.


And some more joy from Teeny Tiny Mochimochiland – I bought the ebook of 40 patterns a fortnight ago, and had lots of fun planning what to make for whom… I am reasonably confident that the intended recipients of these particular lovelies do not yet know me well enough to read my knitting blog, so I can share the photo with you without spoiling their surprise.


So, am I forgiven?


6 thoughts on “If the pictures are _really_ good, will you forgive me?

  1. Oh yes, you’re forgiven; the teeny cupcake shows you have been busy with other things! LOL
    I’m glad you’ve found a group of knitters to hang out with!

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