The chocolate urge was strong.

Jamie provided a recipe.

Adjustments were made according to ingredients on hand (slightly light on cooking chocolate, slightly heavy on cocoa, soft brown sugar in place of castor sugar, Valrhona chocolate crunchy pearls instead of fruit or nuts).

Now the smell is torturing us as we wait for it to be cool enough to slice.




5 thoughts on “Brownies

  1. DD made a mudcake yesterday – poor OG was desperate to have some as soon as it came out of the oven. At 21 months he doesn’t understand “wait”!

  2. my Jeremy was desperate for some about 5 mins after the pan went into the oven! He nearly had a tanty on the spot when I told him it would be 20 mins till they finished cooking, and another 5-10 before we could eat any ;P

  3. Oh that’s a good recipe. I do like to use brown sugar too, though I can’t eat the brownie I think it makes them more delicious. They are so quick, Jeremy must have REALLY needed chocolate!!

    • I’m not perfectly happy with it though – even though I was short 50gm of chocolate it came out really dark and gooey – I like a brownie to be rich and dense but not so gooey that it is messy to take to work for morning tea. I think more flour would be good.

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