Proof of Life – or something like that

So, the days roll on and I actually got something done!

Two sleeves:

two sleeves
I would like to have had the body of the Cardi-by-Tens started already, but I did something wrong on the first row while knitting at snb, and tinked back then knit it again, giving a grand total of TWO ROWS of knitting in TWO HOURS on Wed night. When I picked it up this morning and merrily started lacing my way along the RS row, I discovered a mistake halfway through Row 1 which is the set-up row for the lace border and said rude words and frogged all 225 stitches.

Now I have to cast on all those stitches again. This time the stitch markers stay in till the lace is established. I don’t care how annoying they are to move around while knitting.


The Lotus Hat:
Wham Bam hat front
Free pattern here, which I knit in Patons Serenity DK on 4mm Clover circular needles (I didn’t bring enough KP Options cables with me – serious oversight). 5 days to knit the whole thing, with quite a lot of that being ten-minute snatches of time on the train to and from school – things grow quite fast when I can guarantee 20 minutes per day – who knew that doing that would work so well?? I wonder if listening to Cantonese podcasts at the same time would have a similarly beneficial effect??

(yes, I know it would, I am just having a go at myself for not getting around to it yet)


Sizzler yarnNereid gloves: when Jeremy was being promised a beanie, I asked Sophie and Violet if they would also like something. Sophie requested lacy fingerless gloves, then piked on going to the yarn shop with me but requested “red, yellow and orange please. Otherwise pale blue” (I know, not seeing the connection there either) Happily the Glorious Temple of Filatura di Crosa (otherwise known as Yarn City) in Mong Kok had this gorgeous 4ply cotton which is destined to be Nereid gloves, which are themselves a celebration of the wonder that is the Pomatomus sock pattern. Aside from the fun involved in positioning the lace correctly on the instep, I loved making those socks, so I am looking forward to some lacy fun with these gloves! Violet has requested yellow and pink, design as yet undecided. More details in a month or so, once I’ve got Sophie’s choice done.


That’s the knitting update, but right now I have to go buy a compression bandage for Craig’s knee (rugby is not a gentle sport). More HK updates when I get back!


3 thoughts on “Proof of Life – or something like that

  1. Oh no, Craig’s poor knee!! Oh no, your poor knitting. It is very annoying when something seems cursed with bad luck. The Serenity is so nice to knit with.
    I’ve seen some Nereid gloves in real life and they are nice. I threw out my Pot socks this weekend as they were cotton (what was I thinking??) and simultaneously stretched to billio and shrank. I am sure you will be far more successful.

  2. I love your lotus hat – what a great pattern.

    The sleeves of the cardi look fabulous – bummer about all that tinking, frogging and casting on! Good idea about the stitch markers, I think.

    That yarn for Sophie is seriously bright! Will she need lacy fingerless glovesi n HK?

    • Hi Lynne,
      thank you – it is a nifty pattern! And I will assert my dominance over this cardi asap – the weather is cooling down – we might even be below 25*C for the rest of the week – woot! It does apparently get quite cold – as cold as Hobart – in Jan/Feb. Those winds from the Gobi Desert…. we shall undoubtedly be able to give more info in a couple of months’ time! 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

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