Actual Knitting Content

Hi folks, sorry to have been quiet for so long. School is back, so busy with work, and normal life stuff too.

I have been to snb with the Hong Kong Knitter’s group twice now, which has been lovely – nice to get out of the house and meet new people. It also helps with the knitting – I now have two sleeves for my Decimal cardi, and on Saturday I finished a beanie for my son to wear on his school trip to Beijing (!).

Beijing Beanie

I spent quite a lot of time surfing Rav and reading knitting blogs yesterday and today, indulging myself because I have been hit with a tummy bug and feeling sorry for myself. Miss 5 Violet had it Saturday morning but was okay by the afternoon; I am taking a little longer to kick it but hopefully will be better tomorrow and ready for school.

Life in HK continues to be interesting – the MOMD has joined Kowloon Rugby Club, and played Saturday afternoon, so we trooped over to watch him – about a 15 min walk from our place, so nice and handy. I was amused to discover that one of the teachers from school plays for the same club, but not surprised – the previous weekend Craig had met 5 or 6 teachers from our building at the rugby – barracking for the other team! I worked on Jeremy’s hat while watching the rugby – it is a loooong time since I watched Craig play (about 11 years!). I foresee quite a lot of sideline knitting in my future…

I guess I should put on something to listen to and cast on the body of my cardigan – but maybe snooze first. Or help Craig put up the bunk bed he just bought for Jeremy’s room. Snooze is definitely a more attractive activity….



4 thoughts on “Actual Knitting Content

  1. Oh no, I hope you are both totally recovered from The Lurgy now. You will certainly get a lot of knitting done watching the rugby!! It would be warm though, not icy cold weather?? You could knit in rugby team colours.
    Fabulous school trip hat and he looks so grown up- but I can see such a strong parental resemblance!!!

    • Hi Cindy, Thank you, yes both well – Violet was fine by the afternoon, I took a day or so longer to feel really improved but thankfully am now robust enough to eat curry and cake (separately, despite my sentence construction). Rugby knitting – yes, ’tis still warm here (22*-26*), but no longer sweltering enough to prevent knitting, so I plan to be the weird knitting woman as often as possible! Actually, Kowloon wear maroon, so I wouldn’t mind knitting with that – it rather suits me, I think šŸ™‚

      As for Jeremy’s hat, I may even have proof of use: I have seen one group photo, and whilst it is a bit blurry, my son appears to have his beanie on under his yellow souvenir cap….it being rather cool in Beijing there are a number of children adopting a similar style of headwear if the blurry photo is to be believed! I asked Sophie if she would like a hat, but she would prefer fingerless mittens (smile) – lacy? bigger smile – with frills? huge grin! I foresee a shopping trip this weekend. (alas and alack) I think she and I will be able to cope with the strain. Violet has yet to express any particular fancy for accessories, but no doubt will want something or other. This has turned into something of an epistle – I am still surfing the waves of sugar-and-conversation high from going to snb this evening, but I had best wind up and go to bed. thanks for your lovely comments as always! Kate

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