My friend from Japan, Mayu, was here for a week, and talking with her reminded me of how much I like speaking other languages. She brought me lots of Japanese books to read and study, and I must make an effort to do so every week – we plan to visit Japan in April, and I need to claw back some of the skill I’ve lost.

I also miss speaking French, and have indulged myself with a movie borrowed from school: Bienvenue chez les Ch’Tis. It was an award-winner, and is a delightful film about having your pre-conceptions shattered when you move somewhere new. I’ve been working on my new cardigan project, a Decimal, while watching this movie, and am pleased to report that progress has been steady. One sleeve done, 2nd cuff nearly done.

Much of the humour comes from dialect-related misunderstandings, and the scene where the new friends teach the new manager how to talk like a Ch’Ti is hilarious! And now, please relax with the trailer – although not as funny as the real thing, it gives an insight into the situations.


6 thoughts on “Reminded

  1. You are so right, if you don’t use it, you lose it, but it doesn’t take long for the language to return. I sometimes read my high school French and German books and am surprised at what I remember. I’ve seen Margaret and David’s review of that film and it sounded very funny!!

    • Hi Cindy, So much of our life is tucked away in the depths of our memories – just needing the right prompt to bring it back out into the light.(waxing philosophical here…. 😉 must be a lazy Sunday morning) Kate

  2. Decimal looks gorgeous 🙂 What yarn and colour are you using for it?
    That trailer made me smile, you can certainly see the setting up of all sorts of word humour. I hope watching it made you smile too!

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