Still here, haven’t melted yet…

Lest you were concerned that we have melted away in the heat of HK, let me reassure you! With the arrival of October we are rejoicing in slightly cooler weather – something around 25-27* C – and also enjoying our two-week autumn holiday before term 4. My friend Mayu is visiting from Japan, which is wonderful. She was our first visitor when we moved to Tasmania, and here she has done it again! It has been 5 years since last we saw her, so it really is lovely to be catching up on our friendship in person.

We are also making the most of this time to go out sightseeing and exploring – since Saturday we have been to a couple of markets, had waffles from local waffle lady, eaten noodles in a popular noodle shop, been to the zoo gardens, gone on the midlevels travelator, eaten some of the best egg tarts in Hong Kong, had Mongolian-fusion bbq dinner, ran to see fireworks, went on the ferry, looked at the lights on the buildings around the harbour, been to the historic Kowloon Walled City Park, eaten more fabulous food…. Today we are going to the HK Science and Art Museums (I think), and Craig is cooking up a feast of Asian greens and Hainan chicken for dinner. Tomorrow we are going to Macau (1 hr on ferry from here), returning Friday. If the air quality improves we might go to Hong Kong Island to go up the tram to the Peak.

And in the quiet moments yesterday I did some knitting. Cotton washcloth (our apartment in the background).
Photo on 2011-10-05 at 09.45


5 thoughts on “Still here, haven’t melted yet…

  1. Thank you ladies! The Science Museum was great, there for hours and still hadn’t seen or done everything. I got some more knitting done while watching my offspring queue for things, and a few stitches at lunch. Should easily get it finished on the ferry to Macau – better choose my next project!

  2. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time; good to see there’s still time for knitting (it’s too pretty for a dishcloth).

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