Today was a big day for us – or more accurately HUGE. Craig spent the day (10:30 am to 6pm) back and forthing between our flat and 5 different locations, collecting:

* tv sideboard (one piece)
* queen bed (in 4 pieces)
* lounge (think cushions over big wooden base with separate pull-out storage drawers underneath) (11 pieces)
* table (singular)
* 3 free single bed mattresses
* 2 single bed bases
* a microwave/convection oven
* a tall cabinet (sort of cross between crockery and drinks cabinet) (9 or 10 pieces)
* a couple of rattan mats
* some random plastic bags of toys

Also delivered today were the television and dvd box – technician coming to install tomorrow. Not that we can’t deal with that, just seems to be standard practice. Not done today was a basket of odds and sods from another place that also had another dbl bed, but we think we won’t bother with that one. (Running out of room)

As I said, Craig spent the day driving all over Hong Kong with the Man With A Van (limited English, but very cheerful bloke) picking up stuff – I printed out bilingual Google Maps of every place on the list, so the point and nod method was employed by both sides. I spent the day sweeping, swiffing, and washing, washing, washing, washing, washing – floors, linen, floors, clothes, furniture, plates, furniture, clothes, furniture, mats, furniture…. We have put together 2 single beds, the lounge, our queen size bed, and Craig is currently conquering the tall cabinet.

Not bad for a day’s work.

Oh and I ironed a couple of necessary items for school tomorrow, and spent an hour planning Year 3 Reading Passports, and got takeaway from one of the 5 or more Japanese restaurants in our street.

I should emphasise the quantity and quality of Craig’s manoeuvres – the Van is an econovan style of thing, so longer materials reached from just behind the front seat all the way to the back hatch door. It was not possible to load everything in one go – not a 2 tonne truck by any means. Thus they made 4 trips from and to our house, and about 3 trips up and down the elevator each time to bring things up to our 4th floor flat (and the table had to come up via the stairs). He is absolutely my hero.


9 thoughts on “Furnished!

  1. Well you don’t have o be ‘holding out for a hero’, because ‘beleive it or not’ you have one of your own!! I think you are doing a fabulous job together to get settled in so quickly!!

  2. I am so pleased to hear that despite the transport logistics that you have furniture in the apartment. Look forward to catching up via gmail soon.love Nerida

  3. Hi Nerida!
    Right at this very moment Craig is enjoying channel surfing on our new enormous TV (TVs in HK only come in huge, enormous or gargantuan), and Jeremy and I spent the evening making gyoza (Japanese dumplings) for him to take to school tomorrow as his contribution to Asian food for Chinese Week. There will be lots to talk about when we catch up! XO Kate

  4. Glad to hear all is progressing nicely in far off Hong Kong. That man of yours did an amazing job to move so much stuff in one day, did he get a beer at the end of it?

    I seem to have acquired a touch of the vagues and completely forgot to write a comment.

  5. Only just found this now, as I’ve been having issues with my blog-reader. Hooray for furniture! Craig is indeed a paragon of husbandry. How go the little things? Are the kids coping without a backyard? Is Craig enjoying his time as full-time Dad? Any tales of HK hijinks? Those of us living here in Groundhog Day need vicarious thrills.

    • Hi Kate!

      All goes well, though there are times when it would be nice to have a backyard to push the kids out into ;P Hijinks? Not so much, barring one evening out with some school colleagues – and even that was mostly saying no to going dancing (yup, I’m boring, but she was very tipsy). Vicarious thrill: going to Macau today, staying overnight in posh hotel, home tomorrow. Pics of the fusion of Portuguese and Chinese cultures coming up. Think fabulous food, colourful stucco, sunny skies (well, probably not those, it’s forecast to have showers and thunderstorms), glorious atmosphere. best keep packing! Kate

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