Hong Kong Update

So, 2 weeks today! We got the internet connected on Tuesday (and tv, but no tv set with which to watch anything yet), and have hopes of furniture next Tuesday. The weather continues hot and humid (I shall have to put a HK weather widget in the sidebar), and so far school is going well. The kids are generally coping well, only Violet, Miss 5, is suffering from the lack of regular social contact. However she is having some play mornings with the little girl upstairs, and has a playdate tomorrow with someone else, so that is looking better too.

Knitting? oh, that thing I used to do… well I cannot even contemplate wool at this time, and have been too busy trying to manage the transition, but this evening (while strolling off to the supermarket to buy some wine) I popped into a yarn shop and bought one ball of cotton with which to make a face washer. We are woefully short of all of the niceties of civilised existence (aside from hygiene products. We have those), and camping on airbeds is rapidly losing its rustic charm… But day by day we are settling down, the end of the paperwork may well be in sight, and the urge to knit something is beginning to re-emerge.

I hope to have something more descriptive and possibly even illustrated next time I find time to blog, but till then I am thinking of all my Aussie friends, rugged up warmly, and reminding myself that I can’t be too smug – the smog has been so thick that we haven’t been able to see the nearest hill for several days. Thank goodness for air-conditioned indoor-lifestyle!


2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Update

  1. Actually, those of us in Sydney are not rugged up too warmly – spring has definitely sprung but the August winds are late (and cold yesterday).

    I’m glad life is settling down for you all and that the kids are happy in school.

    • Hi Lynne,

      Thank you! There is some hope of a slight relief in the weather for us – it may even drop below 30*C next week! Today was a bit less oppressive than the past two weeks, which was very welcome 🙂


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