First days in Hong Kong

I am sitting on a sofa in tiny flat in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island, getting ready to go to school for a prof dev day. Since arriving on Thursday we have:
* been to school and met lots of people,
* had “issues” with our one-week flat booking,
* been given alternative tiny flat till tomorrow when we get the one we originally booked,
* bought Octopus cards and worked out how to get around on the MTR (metro/subway)
* done our HKID cards at Immigration Tower,
* put an HK sim card in my phone – we are now contactable!
* have met with the landlord of the building where we wish to live and are hoping for a phone call today to tell us to come in and sign things and make deposits on Monday
* bought some adapters so we can plug in and charge phone and computers
* found a supermarket
* eaten some nice food
* wandered around Kowloon Park
* been very stickily hot.

The weather is as everyone said – very hot and humid. The breeze inside the MTR trains is wonderful when they pick up speed. The airconditioning inside every building is so welcome.

Our girls attract a little attention as we go around – so very fair, and by afternoon Violet is usually being carried around partly or entirely asleep, causing much grandparental-type interest. At the park yesterday Violet was the one who started playing with other kids most easily – at 5 she just doesn’t notice any barriers, and everyone here knows enough English to say hello. I am practicing saying ‘Ni hao’ and ‘sie sie’ (no idea of spelling on that one), but need to put mandarin podcasts on something for more serious practice.

right, that’s it for now!


7 thoughts on “First days in Hong Kong

  1. Glad you all arrived safely and things are almost sorted out!! I don’t think I could ever live anywhere humidly hot. I can’t even go to the Aquatic Centre: too humid to swim!!!

    • Dear Cindy, I don’t think I’d like to live in the humidity year-round, but I am assured that it is only for August/September. We are getting used to it, but definitely looking forward to October! 🙂 Kate

    • Hi Mel, thank you! It feels like an endless list of items being ticked off as they are achieved – but thankfully all the important stuff (visas, ID cards, bank accounts, accommodation) are sorted, so the list IS diminishing! Some moments are more adventurous than others… 😉 Thanks for the good wishes 🙂

  2. How goes it a week in?
    All those teething issues that you thought you had organised before you left, are they all sorted now?
    Have you fished out the knitting and just sat for a moment and knit?
    I’m full of questions, I’ve been crazy busy and that’s just in my normal life, goodness knows how we’d go if we moved countries, LOL!

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