three weeks to go

So, Sat morning was about 3 hours of cleaning house to have it absolutely ready for display, then took dogs and kids out for a walk at the appointed time… but no takers. At least the house is really clean and tidy!

Sunday was more relaxed, went to watch hubby running up and down the hockey field scoring goals for his team (he is quite fast, so he plays on the wing and does a lot of setting up for goalshots – things I have learned about very gradually over the past 5 years of being dutiful spouse and parent of hockey-playing menfolk). A lovely glass of wine talking to another hockey spouse afterwards, displaying my sock in progress for her admiration, then home for a screen-free afternoon, followed by a family walk with dogs to another nearby park. My poor hubby was looking none-too-sprightly, and admitted that hockey plus a couple of beers plus a cold was not making for a happy camper, so I selflessly offered to make dinner (it was his turn), and turned out a lovely ham minestrone (my pantry is now down 2 tins of beans, 1 tin of tomatoes, 1 1/2 cups pasta, and the freezer lost a container of ham+stock) with pesto+parmesan scones. Ahhhh, yummy winter food!

More interesting than the above were the little parts of the weekend –

  • yesterday Jeremy and I took the dogs along a little bit of beach below a nearby park, where the dogs ecstatically sniffed and snuffled and scrabbled through the hightide flotsam, and I enjoyed watching their fun, treading carefully on the water-worn rocks and calculating the handholds needed to climb up the little cliff to the edge of the park above (just because it looked so doable)
  • last night I listened to 4 episodes from the One Minute Mandarin podcast, learning how to say “Hello” and “Yes” and “Sorry, I don’t understand”, with various children wandering in and out asking what I was listening to and why did it sound so strange?
  • this afternoon I watched all three of my children increasing their mastery of the fine art of bike-riding, zooming confidently around the bends, pedalling madly to catch up to whoever was furthest ahead, forgetting their previous whinges and squabbles
  • the MOMD and I leaned on a railing and watched raindrops make fleeting ripple-patterns on the smooth water
  • there was a row of evenly-spaced seagulls on another railing directly across from us, just standing and watching the water too
  • when it was time to go home, I looked to the west and directly above Mt Wellington there was one big cloudmass glowing with vibrant tangerine light, whilst the rest of the sky was shades of pewter

It isn’t lost on me that most of these moments were shared around family – even the cloud, because I pointed it out to Jeremy. I’m pretty sure that the three hours of cleaning will not be what I remember most about this past weekend.


2 thoughts on “three weeks to go

  1. Sounds like despite having to do all that cleaning and it coming to nothing in terms of renting out the house it was valuable family time 🙂
    Have your wires made it to you yet? I always worry when I send stuff, wondering what AusPost is doing to them in transit!

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