Neat Freaks

This is a term you could never apply to my family.


Seeing as how we would like to rent our house out whilst we are away we have a real estate agent who is bringing people through on inspection visits, usually during the working day, usually with no more than an hour’s notice. Thus we are trying really hard to leave the house tidy in the morning, so as not to give the impression that our house is less than desirable (more colourful phrases sprang to mind but would make you concerned about admitting to knowing me).

This led me, this evening, to put a load through the washing machine, to wash up the cooking gear, set the dishwasher going, wipe down and clear the dining table and kitchen benches, dry up larger items and put them away, and tidy up a table in the rumpus room after doing a couple of sewing repairs. None of these tasks are large, difficult, or particularly time-consuming, but somehow it is SO HARD to face doing them every night!!!

Now I am tired and in need of solace, so off to bed with a book – no knitting, because my hands are so dry from all the washing that I snag even sock yarn!


7 thoughts on “Neat Freaks

  1. Oh you poor things, it will be worth it i the end. Put some hand cream in the kitchen and look after your hands so you can knit!!!

  2. I’ve found that the best way to repair dishpan hands is to get a pair of rubber gloves, and before you put them on, slather your hands thickly in a good quality hand cream. The heat from the washing-up water makes your hands slurp up the cream. Do this every time you wash up, and you’ll be back in knitting shape in no time.

    Hang in there, chickie. It’ll be over soon.

    • Yup, I do that too, but even copious amounts of coca butter are not enough to combat the cold+wind+multiple-washes-per-day effect upon my naturally dry skin!! When desperate (ie now) I break into my son’s QV cream, bought to deal with eczema, and go to bed sticky-handed – it seems to do the trick after a few days.

  3. You have my sympathy on needing to keep the house clean, that is stuff of nightmare in my house. If only I didn’t see cleaning as such a waste of time. Take care of those hands you’ll need your knitting to keep you sane in the coming weeks. Sorry haven’t been to the Post Office yet, have been very busy with all sorts of ups and downs, hope to sort it out for you tomorrow. Will let you know.

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