Hockey Knitting

Saturday is hockey for the son – usually the MOMD takes him, however he was laid low by a nasty but mercifully brief gastro bug, so I grabbed my knitting and travel mug of tea and headed off to do my parental duty.

Photo1784Photo1785I turned the heel at the morning game, and continued down the gusset at the evening game, pausing every so often to defrost my fingers, as it was about 5 degrees C at the riverside hockey grounds!

For the evening game I had some miso soup in the thermos, tea in my Nundle Woollen Mills travel mug, and some Dove dark chocolate bites for much-needed sugar!

I also had wool socks, wool jumper, wool shawl, wool mitts, wool hat, fabulous retro wool tweed coat to keep me warm, but was not as well-prepared as those parents who brought blankets or doonas or both to wrap themselves up against the cold.


5 thoughts on “Hockey Knitting

  1. My mum says it has been a bitterly cold, wet and windy Winter. I don’t envy you your Hockey watching at all. At least it wasn’t Minus 11 like it was at Liawenee last week!!

    • Well I am devoutly thankful that it was above zero!!! You have just put me right of Liawanee! However I must respectfully disagree with your mum somewhat – I am not finding this winter as grey or wet as the one a couple of years ago when everyone (including me) got SAD. :> Kate

  2. I’m thinking that the blanket is a fine idea. I was sitting at tennis this evening wishing my legs were warmer….maybe I should have had stockings on under my jeans!

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