A Spot of (Ruby) Luxury

Wintry Sunday. An hour of sorting and packing sewing material and equipment.

Inside again for hot chai, fluffy book on the ipod, and some soothing knitting.

Similar plans for bedtime! Very very happy….


6 thoughts on “A Spot of (Ruby) Luxury

  1. That’s a great mug cosy, it looks snuggly warm for you chai!! I’ve done some sneaky detective work, maybe that’s a Ruby with a Twist??? I’m not quite sure….

  2. That would be the ruby Luxury you bought at Bendi two years ago, yes? I would make some smart-alecky remark about how it’s high time you started knitting with that yarn, except I still have unknitted Bendy stash from 2008 (not to mention ’09 and ’10)…

    Yeah, I’ll just shut up now.


  3. So you were sorting out your sewing material and equipment outside???
    Is that you Bendi knitting?
    I’m still trying to work out what to take……
    10 more sleeps squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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