My littlest is not so little…

Another milestone – today my youngest turned 5.

She is smart, strong-willed, funny, loving, energetic, creative, has a fine sense of humour and the most infectious laugh I’ve ever heard. When the spirit moves her she does a beautiful job of folding her clothes to put them away, likes to put away the plates from the dishwasher (but nothing else) and has extremely strong opinions about her place in the Shower Order each evening. She pats our dogs gently, picks me flowers from the garden (with little or no stem attached), adores dress-ups, and grooved her moves to the Latin American music we played for Musical Chairs today. She loves all colours except purple, and likes fairies and butterflies.

Happy Birthday Violet.
Violet the Birthday Girl

The cake.
The table of play-dough and pipecleaners and googlie-eyes and pom-poms and feathers and stuff where we started the party. This was followed by Pass The Parcel, Musical Statues, Duck-Duck-Goose, Musical Chairs, and a front-garden (ie dog-free) lolly packet Treasure Hunt.


6 thoughts on “My littlest is not so little…

  1. Thank you very much! Violet is a lovely girl, especially when she’s not fighting with her siblings or objecting to parental requests to pick up her toys/turn off the tv/clean up right now….! Violet enjoyed her day, and we were not too shattered at the end of it – what more could we ask for?

  2. Happy Birthday Violet – but you have to share your birthday now – my second grandson was born at 3:45 on Sunday afternoon! (probably right about the time your party was in full swing)

  3. Congratulations on Wonderful Birthday party Mum and Happy Birthday to Violet. She’s getting big! That playdough table sounds like a mighty fine idea đŸ™‚

    19 sleeps!

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