It has been more than a month since my last blog post.

Work was busy, but not as insane as the above might suggest.

There was a holiday on the Gold Coast, with a trip to the coldest place in Queensland. There was no internet in our holiday apartment, which is almost an excuse. My brother’s house definitely had internet, and due to the weather we basically sat inside close to the wood heater for three days. Again, no excuse.

Our flight home to Hobart was cancelled due to the ash cloud, so we sauntered down to my parents’ place in Coffs Harbour and spent two days relaxing there, eating truly fabulous bread and cakes from a new bakery, going to a screening of My Afternoons with Margueritte, and then returning to the Gold Coast for our rescheduled Saturday flight. Hmm, no reason not to have blogged from their house either.

Whilst work leaves little time to knit, the holidays provided long stretches of time on planes, in buses, and in cars, plus queues, waiting times, and just free time to knit. I got a lot of knitting done. Obviously lack of content was not the problem.

Which leaves me with the Big One.

I’ve been somewhat preoccupied since early May with a new opportunity, with the result that in 8.5 weeks’ time I will fly out with my family to take up a contract in Hong Kong.

As you can imagine, organising passports, visas and sundry other pieces of paperwork for a family of five to move overseas for 16 months gets a little messy. Thus my head is spinning with lists of things to accomplish and processes to follow and items to sort and plans to make…

and the blog is coming way way down the list. I think it might help if I stop saving all the info up and just get on and blog.

Hmm. What a revolutionary idea.


9 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. It was a real holiday away from ‘shoulds’ then!! I am glad the ash cloud enhanced rather than cruelled your holiday pitch!!! I hope that you may find a moment or two to blog when you are OS!!!

  2. Hey Gorgeous, sounds like you’ve been busy, not too busy to be thinking about Bendi though?? No, didn’t think so. Have you got your project all picked out yet and your shopping plans underway as well, or is the new job really taking up all your time? Also, show us your knitting!

    • I’ll show you some knitting! No projects/purchase plans made for Bendi yet – concentrating on surviving the first week of school!! Watch this space…

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