Happy Mother’s Day!

Dear All,

Whilst there are many other thoughts waiting to be blogged, I have to start with Happy Mother’s Day! Mine has been very quiet, as I am coddling my cold. My children were generous with hand-made cards and presents, and there was breakfast in bed this morning, and now I am enjoying snuggling under a blanket for as much of the day as I can manage!

To add zest to the day I grafted together a cowl that I whipped up yesterday from a bit of Colinette Point 5. I call it the Cor Blimey! Cowl, because it is going to help me survive spectating during the “Cor Blimey! It’s Cold” of the hockey season…
Cor Blimey! Cowl


6 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Cor Blimey, my old man’s a dust man!!
    You look positively Madonna-like in that photo. Hope your cold disappears tout suite.

  2. Happy Mathers’ Day to you – I hope your cold goes away soon and the cowl keeps you warm through this hockey season and the next.

  3. Happy Mothers Day chick, hope you had a good one despite the presence of a cold. That cowl looks wonderfully warm, the addition of an outdoors jacket may help too 😛

    • Hi Cathie, Actually I am not much of a hockey Mum – I’m not much for sports, and am quite happy to congratulate son on efforts on the field without watching him in person!! I watch a few games each season, and he doesn’t seem to mind my absence the rest of the time. But you are so right – the knits come in handy for the night and early-morning games!!! My aim is to have enough knitwear on that only the eyes and bridge of my nose are visible, unless there is a travel mug full of steaming hot tea somewhere close by! Thanks for your comment – I take you speak from experience?? :> Kate

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