Birthday Girl

Our darling daughter turned 8 today.
Girl and Cake

There were balloons, games and cake.

(Cake recipe found here)

Many friends brought crafty kits and materials as gifts – her love of creating things has not gone unnoticed!

She had a lovely day, with lots of friends and running around in the sunshine and shrieking and a pinata and musical chairs and more lollies than any of them knew what to do with (I blame my husband for that part).

I hope she has many more days of joy and friendship ahead of her.



6 thoughts on “Birthday Girl

  1. Holy Type 2 Diabetes, Cakewoman! Did you create that monument to tooth decay?

    Happy days to the birthday girl – she’s growing up so fast!

    I LOVE that last pic of the sun shining through the balloons, by the way.

  2. I’m a few days late but Happy 8th Birthday Darling Daughter of Kate.

    That cake is something else – I bet the kids loved it!

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