A moment of peace…

You know how easy it is to focus only on the negatives, to let a few frustrations or difficulties colour your entire day and overshadow all the other perfectly fine parts? Well this morning I had a moment of clarity, of absolute peace, and I have savoured it all day. I took the dogs for a big walk, up and over the hill, then jogging back around again – by this stage well and truly warmed up and “glowing” with exertion. It was about 8 o’clock, the sun was shining, my dogs were making happy dog-noises, and then there came a quietening – car sounds from the nearby highway died away, and some birds twittered news to each other in the vacuum left by the absence of  suburban static. It felt as though peace had been draped over my morning like the lightest, softest blanket of contentment, enveloping and uplifting at the same time…

A minute later, a few more metres down the road, the traffic sounds gradually resumed as though someone was turning the volume back up, and Ziggy, Zara and I continued our walk. I don’t know whether the dogs noticed anything special, but I have had a lasting sense of peace underlying the rest of my day.

What special moment did you find in your day this weekend?


3 thoughts on “A moment of peace…

  1. i found a moment today, in the middle of a big pile of shit, to focus on good stuff with a friend. I think that will get me through. Thank you for posting this!

  2. I get that feeling while swimming freestyle laps on Monday and Thursday evenings. The slow steady pace, the peace of no children’s babble. Ah peace. Such a lovely change 🙂

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