Belated Revelations

“Finally!”, I hear you cry, “She has put up some pictures related to actual knitting!”

Yes, it is true, I have had photos taken, I have uploaded them to Flickr, and now I am sharing them with you.


Double Flower washcloth from Dishcloth Boutique (which has disappeared from the interwebs, so I am very glad that I downloaded my favourite patterns when I discovered it)

Yarn: Heirloom Cotton 8ply

Needles: 4mm casein dpns

This washer is destined for my cleaner – she is awesome, but allergic to many foods so baked goods are not an option; I asked her straight out if she would like a fancy washer, because I didn’t want to seem to be rude by giving her a cleaning item for Christmas! She requested fancy and lilac – I think I’ve managed to conform to those conditions 🙂 All I need to do now is grab some olive oil soap to go with it (the plainest, least wheat/dairy/soy but still wonderful soap I can think of).



Yarn: Moda Vera Linen Mode 10ply, a linen cotton blend

Needles: 7mm Harmony circs

This was a quick knit, despite the lag time for the last sleeve and weaving in of ends. The colour is a faded navy, and I have no idea what I will do for buttons. I was aiming for slightly longer sleeves, but the row gauge shrunk a bit with washing. It is the perfect weight and laciness for the cool days we are having here – although as I gaze at the grey clouds which are swarming across the previously blue sky, I think I will be putting on something warmer this morning.

Please note that I am (as usual) slouching, and hand on belly does not indicate any kind of interesting reproductive condition. The only interesting thing about my belly at the moment is that it is ever-so-slowly reducing, due to me following through with my commitment to regular morning runs with my dogs, and less wine and chocolate in the evenings. I am at that charming stage where some of my jeans and trousers sag unattractively just below my waist, but I am not yet slim enough to wear the next size down.

Also those who have met me in person will be able to see the extra auburn-ness of my recently hennaed hair, but please forgive the lack of stylish styling – I had done a scalp-oil treatment that morning and the lingering gunk did not lend itself to any elegance of coiffure…

Can you see the big orange globes in the background shrubbery, top right-hand corner of the photo? Those are apricots on my apricot tree. Yes, they do grow that big. Yes, they are sweet and flavoursome and we can eat them just about straight off the tree (I do like to wash them first). Sadly the rains in late spring and early summer damaged the skins so they are beginning to rot on the tree – I hope to pick lots for stewing this afternoon, it is so sad to see them ruined before they reach fresh fruit perfection.

Lastly, my DS has (for some months) been requesting a balaclava, and for burglar-chic wants a black one. On Tuesday the Year 6 classes are going on a two-day leadership camp (my son! In Year 6!! ARRRGGHH!!!), and having just lost his father’s beanie last week, it seemed like the perfect time to accede to his request and make him a balaclava. Small problem – minimal black 8ply (or any other weight of black yarn) currently in stash. Second problem – decision made at 6pm at night – yarn shops closed, and besides I am participating in StashDownUnder 2011, so what to do? Desperation prodded inspiration – the sockyarn box! 1.75 balls of black Patonyle were unearthed (thankfully saving my single skein of Blackberry handpainted sockyarn for me) and I cast on using the yarn doubled, with inspiration from the Complete Fabrication blog post for an 8ply balaclava. I plugged myself into an audiobook and knitted on into the night, producing 14.3cms of k3p2 ribbed funnel over 4 hours. It is amazing how much I can do if I just listen to a book and do not watch tv or surf Ravelry – maybe this will be the method of achieving serious StashDown this year? Switch off the screens and let my brain listen to books, leaving eyes and hands free to concentrate on the knitting?

Today we are going adventuring: bus into town, wander around the Australian Wooden Boat Festival (I will be rugged up with scarf and mitts and socks – the wind is cooooold down near the water), lunch from the vendors or in a cafe (depends on the ambient temperature, currently a brisk 16.7*C), and home again at some point in the afternoon. I guess I should start organising my knitting…!

By the way, it was so nice to spend time this morning concocting this blog post – I really enjoy writing about my knitting achievements, and the vagaries of family life. Rest assured that I love reading your thoughts too, in comments or on your blogs – it’s those small connections of shared anecdotes that ‘knit us together’!! (I had to say it. Just had to)  🙂


6 thoughts on “Belated Revelations

    You can find the Dishcloth Boutique here now, I googled about a bit just for you!!! The cloth is pretty, I have made one too, I like the circular petally flower type.
    Love your cardigan, it is fabulous and looks so nice on too!!
    No balaclava picture as yet?? I am never satisfied!!!
    So nice to have a longer post from you, apricots, children grow so fats, happy walks for the pups and your hair looks lovely, styled or not!!!

  2. Hey there, Gorgeous! You are looking particularly fabulous in your Liesl – it’s so pretty I almost want one myself.

  3. Awww, thank you Cindy! Yay for the linky – I shall have to edit and put it in. And it was nice to find time to concoct a decent post… I shall try to do another one to reveal the balaclava 🙂

    KissMyFrog – thank you darlink!

    RoseRed – amazing how much can be packed into the day when all screens are off ;P

  4. Good job on making time for the knitting! The dishcloth looks like a wonderful gift for someone who is food challenged. Your Liesl looks gorgeous, perfect colour, well done you!

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